Review of Live Casinos Technical Opportunities

Live casinos are online staking houses that offer players the opportunity to play and interact with human dealers rather than computers. The presence of these real croupiers in the Internet betting establishments proves that they are fair and it shows how strong their security is. It is more thrilling to play live games as it creates a way for interaction among gamblers. They will socialize and become friends just as it occurs in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas land based casinos.

Lists of live casinos provide online platforms with gambling enthusiasts with the chance to learn new tips and improves on their strategies. This is because they will be able to see other participants at the table. Another unique aspect of the live casino which gives it an edge over normal Internet gaming is that it makes it possible for players to see the entire action taking place through their webcam. Real-time dealers offer various kinds of gambling games, including baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and Hold’em.

Technical Opportunities of Live Casinos

Main Components at Live Casinos

Live croupier casinos are a mix of online and traditional physical gambling establishments. It has some unique features that make these experiences possible. They have dealers for different languages. Their rooms and tables are available in different kinds to suit different interests. Other remarkable components are multi-game modes and multiple viewing and streaming options.

Multi Language Dealers

Dealers take charge of the play as it is the case in the brick and mortar casino. Given their role, they are well trained and are highly knowledgeable about each of the games offered by casinos which have the technology of tracking of the actions of their croupiers.

To ensure easier and enhanced communications with clients, live venues offer services in various languages such as English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese traditional and simplified, German, Spanish, Polish, Arabic to mention but a few. Every gambling establishment offering live online gaming products has dealers that are highly proficient in the languages that their services are available in.

Rooms and Tables

Technical Components at Live CasinosThough every live casino is unique, each of them has a minimum of 3 rooms, namely, the software room, the live studio, and the analyst room. There are also some that offer private and VIP rooms and tables. VIPs are treated like kings.

They are able to play without any interruption and a particular dealer is assigned to them as they stake their money. Some of these rooms and tables on certain websites are very suitable for high rollers. The gaming experience is quite thrilling especially if it is manned by a skillful dealer.

Streaming Options

Live croupier casinos have streaming functions which make it possible for games to be transmitted to their gaming console instead of installing or downloading it in its totality.

However, streaming quality will have more requirements if more games appear. They come with enhanced graphics and high definition video. Gamblers can also have different camera views such as landscape and portrait to choose from.

View Modes

Viewing modes are available in portrait and landscape styles. These two viewing methods are almost the same except in their sizes. The images are spaced out, but they are dwarfed. It all depends on your screen size and shape.

If your screen is small and rectangular, having a landscape view may be the best option for you. But if it is bigger, keeping straight may give you better viewing. You can try both viewing methods to choose one that best satisfies you.

Most live betting houses today give 3D views which improve users’ gameplay because it makes them feel as if they are in a physical casino.


Real-time casinos have been able to incorporate the optical camera recognition into their system for recording and streaming all the goings on in the live venue via a video link. Their clients can wager through a console on the screen of their computers.

Live Casinos Functions

This technology also makes it possible for everything to be changed with useful data in electronic format. The OCR takes shot of all activities ranging from jumbling to dealing of cards as well as spinning of wheels. This bridges the gap between the process of playing in a land based casino and a live casino.

Play in Multi Games

Multi games play refers to the function that allows a player to stake on multiple games at the same time for enhanced thrill experience and to maximize the possibility of winning. All the games being played will appear on the screen at the same time for easy monitoring. The configuration of this varies from one action room to another, depending on the software being used. Most live casinos can allow a maximum of four games at a time.

To add a new game on the window for multi-game play, a gambler has to press on the tab for + which normally is available in the Live Lobby. The multiple-game play window adjusts itself to accommodate any game add on the screen of the user’s mobile device or PC.

Extra Functions

As a real-time casino technology is evolving, more and more features are being added by the gambling software developers. Some of these new functions include live chat, improved viewing mode, bet behind and others.

Live Chatting

Modes of Live CasinosMost real-time casinos provide live chat services for enhanced interaction with the dealers.

Players with any concern about any function or aspect of the process can ask the dealer directly through this feature. It also provides a platform for players’ interaction among themselves.

Bet Behind

A bet behind is a type of bet in a live room that provides a gambler with the ability to stake on the hand of another player whether he is already participating on a table or waiting for his turn. This option gives a number of advantages, including the following:

  • The minimum betting amount is very low, and this makes it possible for new gamblers to have a real feel of live Blackjack.
  • Users are able to bet behind as they wait for their turns in any of the 7 major seats at the table. This means that they can wager even when they are not yet seated.
  • If all the 7 main seats of a table that has this feature are occupied when a player joins, a pop-up message will appear informing the gambler that there is no empty space, but they can stake behind a better already seated.
  • This feature does not make the “the sit here” tab, which is the feature for staking on the main bet, ineffective. This means that waiting players that lay odd behind already seated users can still join the bet.
  • The medal shows the number of plays won by a participant. You can know the experience level of a player through certain indicators around the medal. These are 1 to 2 ribbons and 1 to three stars.
  • The bet of the main player is multiplied by twofold if he chooses to split or double down his card.
  • The system is programmed in such a manner that the gambler that stakes behind abides by the decision of the main player and thus he also multiplies his bet by two. Nevertheless, the gamer that wagers behind will be able to modify the tactics he uses for his Bet Behind.

Live Casinos Mobile and PC Modes

Options and Features at Live CasinosGames with live croupier are available on mobile and PC systems. The mobile live casinos can be accessed from any portable device that has a browsing capacity, such as smartphone and tablets whether they are Androids or iOS operating system.

However, it is recommendable that you keep your device up to date so that new gaming inventions will function on them. Playing a live casino with a mobile device gives some advantages.

  • You will be able to place a bet even when you are on the go or anywhere you like, provided you are connected to the Internet.
  • You are not restricted to your desk where your PC is. No extra expenses are incurred on transportation to a standalone casino.
  • Unlike computer mode, you don’t have to wait for your system to boot. The games load very quickly and can be easily accessed.

On the negative side:

  • The viewing experience is not as fantastic as that of a PC due to the small size of the screen.
  • Playing multiple games may be difficult.
  • Some of the details and icons in the platform may appear very small. But this problem is highly minimized when games are played with a tablet PC.

PC mode is also available. Though this way may lack the flexibility and portability of mobile devices, it offers a better viewing experience. All the peculiarities, icons and tabs are easily identifiable because they are clearly seen. Different browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and others can be used to download the program or to play directly on the internet.

TOP 3 Live Casinos Providers

There a number of software providers that power live casinos, but they don’t have the same reputation. The big figures in the industry have distinguished themselves in many aspects especially in the area of innovations and creativity. They also operate with licenses and predicate their dealings with their clients on fairness. This is why people choose them. Some of them are Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt.


With a large number of customers and impressive history, Microgaming has remained a force in the industry. The corporation has developed various kinds of live croupier games which can be played via mobile devices and personal computers.

Technical Side of Live CasinosAfter introducing its first real-time game, namely, baccarat, it has further increased their offerings with the inclusion of live roulette, Baccarat Turbo, Blackjack, Poker, Hold’em and Playboy live casinos. Driven by innovation and excellence, the firm has incorporated a lot of features such as multi-game play, 3D viewing, camera, and others in their games.


NetEnt is a Swedish company which operates in many parts of Europe. The corporation is among the first developers of online live dealer casinos. With a wealth of experience, it is powering a remarkable number of most successful online action rooms. Its games are created with the best technology of the time and they are of great quality.

They launched their real-time casino in 2013 and are now offering Live Blackjack and Live Roulette. The unique feature of this firm is their impressive interfaces. There is no limit to the number of players that can stake on a game at the same time in their platform. NetEnt makes up for its few choices by ensuring that everything is working fine and efficiently.


Thanks to the modern and dynamic user interface, Playtech offers a variety of live dealer amusements, including Hold’em, Blackjack, Prestige Roulette, Prestige Baccarat and a new variant of unlimited BJ. Unique elements of this gambling software provider’s products are HD cameras, quick streaming, and dealers that speak English, Spanish, Italian and Romanian at the native level.