Our Platform

Our Vision

Locus Gaming has developed a unique platform that offers:

  • A single codebase responsive design HTML5 website that serves games in the appropriate version depending on key features such as screen size, touch or mouse-led navigation and operating system.
  • A consistent customer journey on each device: be it a smartphone or a smart TV, and offers the best games available on each one.
  • Access to all functionalities: customers are able to open an account, fund it, play games, withdraw their funds, set access and deposit limits, browse the site and contact live support directly from whichever device they are using
  • A heap of games: the casino offers games from different developers instead of being locked into exclusive deals with one or the other as many of our competitors on mobile and tablet
  • A fully automated service: all of our non-specific costumer interactions are fulfilled by cleverly designed workflows that increase the efficiency of our business and reduce human intervention to those aspects where it really matters: customer services

The well received launch of our first proprietary brand has informed platform improvements and developments which have improved conversion rates, average visit times and spend per session: key metrics for any onlinecasino. Some of them below:

  • New games providers – currently over 70 games on mobile and desktop!
  • New functionalities – last played games reminder, loyalty program and more!
  • New design – based on users’ feedback and behaviour we have redesigned navigation of main menus to help players get where they want even faster!

As a testament to its uniqueness, Jack Gold Casino received the Best Mobile Site 2013 award from Mobile Marketing Magazine and has been shortlisted for the Best Mobile Casino award at the prestigious eGR Awards 2013, both less than 10 months after its launch. An acknowledgement of the hard work gone into providing quality in the user experience and a compelling product. Find out more

At the heart of Locus Gaming, is not only our vision and technology, but also our team. We have recruited a small number of talented individuals: each one with a wealth of experience gained at large organizations within the real money gambling industry in marketing, operations and technology roles and with an appetite for contributing to this innovative venture. You can find more about them on our Linkedin page.


What You Get

Though our B2B offering, we provide white label solutions to partner who want to provide a cutting-edge casino experience, at a very affordable cost and with minimal hassle and a very quick turnaround.

We can:

  • Integrate with your current setup
  • Design your site and host it for you with your selected layout and branding
  • Offer customer services via phone, email and livechat on all devices: not many casinos do really do that!
  • Support you with customer services, KYC, fraud, payment processing and responsible gambling for as long as you want us to
  • Integrate with your current CRM platform or offer you one
  • Deploy your casino either under your own licence (may you have one) or list it under ours in the Isle of Man
  • Offer consultancy on your marketing and retention efforts
  • Provide you with a dedicated content management system for you to manage your games and own on-site copy for a truly customisable
  • Access to all of your customers’ data through our BI solution and detailed regular reporting

You will get access to all the new features we develop as we go along. For some of them, mostly customer-facing ones, we will ask for your explicit consent while for regular updates and optimisation works we will just let you know that your casino is getting better.

Also, as part of our commitment to continuously improve our product, you will have access to content offered by all new games developers we integrate with!

Our Games

Our platform is currently integrated with the games suppliers below:

realistic  nextgen gaming
microgaming  evolution gaming
aristocrat quickspin
genesis gaming

We are constantly integrating with new developers and as a white label partner, your casino will benefit from any new addition to the platform! How’s that for service?

How We Do It

The process is incredibly straight forward:

  1. Initial Contact Whether you reach out to us or we make the first move, you will talk to a senior member of our staff that has several years of experience in the industry and is able to answer any questions you may have and plan with you the next steps.
  2. Needs Assessment Once you have expressed an interest in our product, we will sit down with you and go through your brand, target markets and objectives and suggest ways we can contribute to your success.
  3. Product and Service Demo We will then show you the ins and outs of our platform and operations, so that you can get a real feel for what happens behind the scenes. We will aim to provide as much evidence as you need on the aspects you are interested in and introduce you to the relevant members of our team who will be more than happy to help.
  4. Financials and Terms We will start the discussion based on our standard terms and conditions and a full proposal and project plan tailored to your needs and with clearly defined timelines, dependencies and milestones: we will do all of this for you so don’t worry about it!
  5. Development Once we have agreed the project plan and finished all the paperwork, you will be assigned a project manager who will be your first point of contact for all regular catch ups and any other inquiries you might have.
  6. Go live and hand-holding Very little left to do at this stage. Just sit back and watch your casino open up its doors to hordes of customers to flow in and make you tonnes of cash! We will take care of everything as agreed and scoped out at the start.

How It Works

An overall picture of how our platform works is below:

In layman’s terms, whenever a user accesses the casino from the browser address bar, a banner, a paid ad or an app, the device they are using is detected and a series of decisions are quickly made:

  • Has it got a touch screen or not?
  • What size is the screen?
  • What is the operating system?
  • What version of the games is supported: HTML5 vs Flash?
  • Which way round is the screen: portrait or landscape?

Based on these, an optimal version of the site is displayed to the user, who will be able to navigate and play all games that are available on that specific platform.

The device detection happens within the platform: you don’t need to worry about using different URLs, copy, landing pages or anything else to direct your player to your casino!

The site will come complete with analytics and mobile tracking solutions and you will be able to keep an eye on your traffic and track all of your online campaigns!

There is only one door to get into your new casino!


Locus Gaming is licensed and regulated by the Isle of Mani Gambling Supervision Commission. This, added to the flexibility of our infrastructure and setup, allows us to add new brands very quickly.

Critically, we would look for partners that have:

  • An interest in newly regulated markets: most predominantly the US and several other European countries
  • A presence in the real money gambling industry already and want to add a casino to their offering
  • Are not satisfied with their current casino provider and wish to switch for a better solution
  • Have a digital presence in other industries and are considering a brand extension or a new brand launch to branch out in this lucrative business

We are always open to conversations with organisations from any other sort of background so please do get in touch even if you don’t match any of the above profiles. We’d love to hear from you.

We trust we can tailor a package to suit all your needs and provide continued support to make sure your business gets started and develops in the right direction!